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Gerard Baltazar, CEO and Chairman of In2Matrix Group, performed as the Speaker at the HR Conference

The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia held its annual Human Resources Conference on the 27th of October 2020. "HR in the Pandemic: Lessons Learned & New Realities’' was the topic of the conference.

Over 75 AmCham members participated both in person at the Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel and online.

Gerard Baltazar, CEO and Chairman of In2Matrix Group, performed as the Speaker at the Conference where he spoke about the importance of investing in human capital in a post pandemic world.

The main focus of Gerard’s speech was the importance of employee wellbeing and how it affects overall employee satisfaction and retention. Gerard then discussed managing the costs of the health and wellbeing of employees through a holistic approach.

He also analyzed how the transitions to remote work are affecting the changes in employees’ benefit packages as expectations and needs of employees are changing.

Gerard addressed the impact of the current economic crisis on the insurance sector and presented to the audience a number of insurance solutions available to clients to achieve cost savings and bring transparency and control over employee benefits management.

A real client case study which demonstrated a decrease in the administrative burden, improved control over insurance policies and brought insurance related cost savings was presented to the audience at the end of the speech.

“As you can see, savings add up and end up with a ‘win-win’ situation. Employees will remember the actions employers took during the pandemic to keep them safe. If your actions are not positive, you’ll likely lose people once the job market improves.’’

Happier, healthier, safer employees lead to increased productivity and less claims which results in lower costs to insurance. Keep safe, keep healthy” with these words Gerard Baltazar concluded the sector-specific challenge session of the Conference.

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