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Global Solutions

From a small business trying to expand overseas to a large company already entrenched, we understand the complex nature of Multinational companies. They have to cultivate a strong, consistent global presence while maintaining an authentic local presence in each market in which they operate — all in the face of worldwide economic and political fluctuations. With capabilities around the globe, In2Matrix navigates the challenge of doing business across borders every day.


Our International Consulting Team in conjunction with our partnership with Brokerslink provides one of the largest teams in the industry focused on managing multinational challenges. Providing local support to your local teams we will work with your headquarters to manage people and financial issues consistently and efficiently across your global operation.


Multinational companies turn to us for global support because we provide a level of affordable expertise in a field that is normally both complex and expensive.


Our global benefit management process ensure you receive the news that is relevant to your needs, supplemented by consultant analysis and implications for employers.


Our customised multi country solutions provide cost-effective, coordinated and strategic life, accident, disability, medical and dental programs on a global basis.

  • Global Benefits Consulting

  • Captive & Regulatory Consulting

  • Captive Management & Administration

  • Multinational Pooling

  • Self Funding

  • Pan European Plan

  • Global Benefits Management

  • International Pension Plan

Our  Global Solutions

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