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WEBINAR: 'Covid-19 Vaccine update: Expectations vs Reality’

In2Matrix invites you to attend a webinar on Thursday, 25th March at 15:00 (Moscow time).

During the webinar, the speakers will analyze the availability and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

As this is an area of great importance and presents unique circumstances in which employers must balance employee rights with their overall safety and health when preparing a vaccine strategy.

This complimentary webinar is aimed at employers and will also cover a range of questions around Covid-19 vaccination including:

- Currently approved vaccines worldwide

- What employers should know about the vaccination process

- Is a mandatory vaccination programme generally permissible

- Can employers require employees to be vaccinated, and how far can they go to encourage vaccination

- Can employees refuse to be vaccinated

The event will be presented by Luc Jones, and moderated by Norman Uhde, Deputy CEO, Special Projects of In2Matrix Russia.

Attendance is free with a promotional code (enter during registration): In2M

Please register here

For any questions and general enquiries, please contact -

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