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Corporate Retirement Plans

Looking after your employees when they are unable to work through illness or old age is often as important as looking after them whilst they are in employment.  It is our opinion that employees will work harder and be more productive for a company who makes a suitable investment in these areas.  Many corporations struggle to strike a balance between accumulating capital and the resources to pay for retirement benefits.


Retirement insurance ensures that you or your family members receive a regular pension amount post a retirement date. You have the flexibility to choose the retirement date and the manner in which you receive the pension.


An employee retention plan is a plan for operating a business using techniques designed to keep good employees. Employee retention is beneficial for the business because retaining employees reduces costs spent hiring and training new employees to replace lost employees. Factors that affect employee retention are many, and include rewards, communication, and a sense of purpose in the job. By working to discern what employees want out of a job, an employer can come up with an effective employee retention plan to help develop a company workforce that is content on a long-term basis.


In2Matrix understands the struggle many employers face and our consultants will help organisations retirement programs that meet their workforce needs and local legislative requirements. We partner with clients around the globe to determine the best approaches to design, funding, governance, administration and communication.

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