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Global Benefits Management

GBM (Global Benefit Management) enables multinationals to effectively manage insured employee risk benefits on a global basis. This approach provides integrated brokerage and consulting services on a global, regional and local level.


GBM is centrally coordinated to align with the company’s preferred governance framework, whilst remaining flexible to changing business strategies.


Visibility and control over benefits

  •  Single point of contact with integrated regional and local brokerage and consulting services

  • Full transparency of services and fees

Improved governance

  • Defined and refined guidelines such as overall benefit philosophy and policy guidelines

  • Commonality of structured approach to the placement of insurances, information flows, and decision authorities with respect to the design and financing of insured risk benefits globally/regionally


Cost savings

  • Global leverage with insurers

  • Global Profit Sharing agreements

  • Global  Benefits Consulting

  • Benefits Design

Our Global Solutions

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