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Webinar on 'Healthcare and employee wellness trends in Europe and Russia'

During the webinar, speakers from In2Matrix (Netherlands), MetLife Russia (The Russian Federation), AXA Global (UK), Linktomedicine (Romania) and Antal Russia (The Russian Federation) analyzed the current trends in health insurance and employee wellness programs during the Coronavirus pandemic, and provided the practical tools for optimization of employee benefits programs.

The speakers presented a range of strategies and solutions that can help companies respond effectively to the current pandemic measures, protect their employees, and prepare for the post-Covid-19 era.

The event was presented by Alf Torrenz, Executive Director of the Russian-British Chamber of Commerce and moderated by Norman Uhde, Deputy CEO of In2Matrix Russia.

Gerard Baltazar (Netherlands), CEO and Chairman of In2Matrix Group, spoke about the insights to recent trends in healthcare insurance and occupational wellness in Russia and Europe, provided practical tools for health insurance cost optimization and cost reduction and emphasized the power of claims data. He also spoke about the tools that allow companies to control the costs of employee benefits and help achieve efficiency.

There was a discussion about the Self-funded health insurance plan and the benefits of this solution in achieving cost savings and increasing transparency and control over employee benefits management.

George Dimitriou (the Russian Federation), President of MetLife Russia, spoke about the trends and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on health insurance for employees in Russia.

George analyzed the structure of the paid medical services market and key risks and factors in Russia as well as wellness as a preventive measure and EAP solutions.

Alexander Denton (England), partnerships development manager at AXA global spoke about the private health insurance eco-system at work.

He also spoke about local country regulations, on-going risk management, and digital exposure.

Marianna Imenokhoeva (Romania), Founder & CEO of Linktomedicine, spoke about new trends and perspectives of Telehealth which is now more in demand than ever during the coronavirus crisis.

Michael Germershausen (the Russian Federation), Managing Director of Antal Russia, presented a job market overview & salary survey. He also discussed how working from home affects employee performance.

“In2Matrix hopes that the webinar was useful and that the participants will be able to use the information provided to develop and grow their businesses. We look forward to offering even more webinars in the future.

If someone's question was not voiced during the live broadcast, we will be happy to be in touch with you at any time,"- with these words Norman Uhde concluded the webinar.

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