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The result of multinational pooling is financial savings and better control of risks

Multinational companies

There are over 90,000 multinationals around the world. Well over 90% are small and medium size multinationals. A definition of multinational doesn’t have to be presence all over the world.

It can be operations in specific regions, like in Europe, like in Eastern & Central Europe, in middle east, African regions, Pan-Asian regions, Americas, in two or more countries.

Vast majority of the multinationals today are so decentralized, local operations are run autonomously.

Different countries offering multiple benefits, different rates and underwriting terms. To bring cost efficiency and streamline the process, we need to pool them together under one roof.

What is multinational pooling?

Multinational pooling is a method global companies use to manage the risk of their employee benefit plans throughout the world. The different employee benefit programs from different countries are combined to set up an international pool.

The result of multinational pooling is financial savings and better control of risks.

You can include most of the employee benefit plans like, life insurance, accident benefits, disability benefits, retirement savings plans etc

History of the multinational pooling

Multinational pooling is not a new concept. It was been around for over half a century.

It all started as a result of financial boom during the industrial revolution during the 60s’. In fact, one of the first multinational pool was set up in the mid 60s.

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