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Benefits Design

There is a wide variety of benefits offered to employees such as Paid Time-Off (PTO), various types of insurance (such as life, medical, dental, and disability), participation in a retirement plan or access to a company car, among others.


Some benefits are mandatory and regulated by the government in each locale.  Other benefits are voluntary to meet the need of a specific employee population. Benefit plans are typically additional to base salary and bonus packages.

We assist employers and trustees with the design, implementation, administration & restructuring of employee benefits structures.

Our expertise covers:

  • life assurance and disability insurances

  • flexible benefits (including voluntary benefits)

  • restructuring of pension arrangements

  • medical and dental,insurance


By working closely with clients we can structure solutions to meet the individual circumstances and objectives of the Company.

Our services include:

  • benchmarking

  • bespoke solutions to fit your business strategy

  • director led project management

  • tailored communications for employees

  • one to one employee clinics

  • group presentations

  • project management

  • governance meetings (where appropriate)

  • Global  Benefits Consulting

  • Global Benefits Management

  • Benefits Benchmarking

Our Global Solutions

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